Drop Off Checklist

Information required for drops offs:

  • Bank account number
  • Bank routing number
  • Social Security Number & Date of birth for all dependents
  • W-2 forms from all employers (your spouses, if filing a joint return)
  • 1099 forms if you (or your spouse) completed contract work
  • Investment income information
    • Interest income (1099 INT)
    • Dividend income (1099 DIV)
    • Proceeds from sale of stock (1099B) and cost basis from stock sale
    • Income and foreign investments
  • Statement from State & City refunds prior year
  • Unemployment income
  • Rental property income & expenses
  • Social security income (Form SSA)
  • Estimated taxes paid
  • Miscellaneous income
    • Jury duty
    • Lottery
    • Gambling
  • Any of the following if you received them
    • 1099 Misc (other miscellaneous income)
    • 1099 MSA (distributions from medical savings accounts)
    • 1099A (health insurance market place statement)
    • 1099SA (health medical distributions)
    • 1099-B or C (health coverage information)
    • K-1’s
  • IRA contribution information (Year end statement, if you made a traditional or
    Roth contribution)
  • Mortgage interest statement (Form 1098)
  • Property tax bill for 2015/2016 whether paid or not (can be printed offline or picked up at City Hall)
  • Student Loan Statement (Form 1098T, students can obtain online)
  • Tuition Statement (Form 1099E, students can obtain online)
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Moving expenses (if moved for a job)
  • Childcare cost (provider name, address, tax id)
  • Adoption cost
  • Charitable contributions/donations (date, amount, statement)
  • Qualified business expenses (mileage & expense worksheet)
  • Medical expenses (doctor, dentals, eyes, co-pays, rx, medical equipment)
  • Miscellaneous deductions (dues, licenses, tax preparation fees)

Drop Off Checklist PDF Link

After completion an appointment can be set up.